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When To Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Posted by on Jan 23, 2018 in Our Blog | 0 comments

So when should you spay or neuter your pet? As soon as possible, right? Maybe not. Some new studies have come out recently that question the ideal time to spay or neuter a pet. The idea of spaying and neutering (we’ll refer to it as neutering for both sexes) came about due to issues with an out-of-control pet population. Shelters were overrun with unwanted dogs and cats, and huge numbers of unwanted pets were being euthanized. Preventing uncontrolled reproduction was essential.   We also knew that neutered pets were less likely to roam (males can smell a female in heat a mile away,...

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Baby Deer

Posted by on Jun 16, 2017 in Our Blog | 0 comments

So we had someone drop off a baby deer at our clinic. It was ADORABLE! The story was that the fawn had been caught in his chain link fence for 3 days. The mother had been hanging around for the first 2 days, then the 3rd day he didn’t see her. Unfortunately he left before we could discuss a plan of action with him. If he had hung around we would have told him to take the fawn right back to where he found him, despite its cuteness. Why, you ask?     Fawns as young as this one (just a week or 2 old) are not strong enough to walk around with their mother while she forages for enough food...

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Before You Breed Your Dog

Posted by on Mar 9, 2017 in Our Blog | 0 comments

If you are contemplating breeding your dog, do yourself a favor and do some research before jumping into a project that, while often fun and adorable, can also very quickly become emotionally and financially draining. People express interest in breeding for all kinds of reasons. Some want adorable puppy versions of their very loveable dog to pass on personality traits. Some just want to witness (or let their kids witness) the miracle of birth. Some want to make a profit. And others truly love their breed and want to help improve their genetic pool. Here are a few things to ask yourself...

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The Making of a Christmas Card

Posted by on Nov 30, 2016 in Our Blog | 0 comments

If you’ve ever tried to take a group picture with a pet involved, you’ll understand this saga. Dogs are way more interested in getting attention from all those people behind them than looking at the flashing light on the camera. Here’s our attempt at making a Christmas card.   First, we had to take a test shot to make sure everyone would fit in the picture:     Then, we had to get all the dogs looking in the right direction. Some couldn’t care less about the treats (Holly!).     Still trying…     Getting closer, everyone’s in the picture now!     We lost Holly again.     This is starting to...

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Fleas: They Are More Than Meets The Eye

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Our Blog | 0 comments

We are in the height of flea season, so I thought it would be a good time for some flea pictures! If your pet has fleas there are a few things you should know. The most important is that the fleas you are seeing on your pet are just 5% of the population of fleas in your home. The other 95% is comprised of flea eggs, larvae (tiny maggot-like creatures), and pupae (similar to a cocoon). They are all in your carpet, floor boards, bedding, and couches. This picture shows in gory detail the reproductive capability of fleas. This cat had been in the kennel for just a few hours, and all those...

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