We have a full service surgery suite that allows us to provide many common surgical services that your pet may need during its lifetime.  This includes many basic procedures, such as spays, neuters, declawing and mass removal.  We are also equipped to perform more advanced procedures involving large tumor removal, fracture repair, or abdominal exploratory surgeries.

Your pet’s comfort and safety is very important to us, so we provide balanced anesthesia for all of our patients.  This means that we use a combination of medications to achieve these goals: 1) Reduced anxiety for your pet resulting in a better and safer experience, 2) Reduced pain by addressing it properly before, during and after surgery, and 3) Increased safety by using lower doses of multiple drugs to achieve a good anesthetic effect with fewer side effects.

All pets placed under anesthesia are intubated (a tube placed in the throat) to provide access to their airway.  They are given an intravenous catheter, which allows us to provide IV fluids to maintain proper blood pressure, as well as IV medications in the event of an emergency.  They are wrapped in a heated air blanket to help control their body temperature for a safer anesthetic procedure and a more comfortable recovery.  All anesthetized patients are constantly attended by a trained veterinary assistant.  In addition, they are monitored using state of the art monitoring equipment which tracks their heart rate, heart rhythm, respirations, blood pressure, carbon dioxide levels, oxygen levels and body temperature.   This allows us to detect changes quickly so that we can adjust their anesthesia appropriately for a safer surgery.