We all know how important oral health is to our overall health, and the same is true for our pets.  During your pet’s dental cleaning, our doctors will perform a thorough oral exam to look for deep pockets, damaged or diseased teeth, and oral masses.   We use digital dental radiography to examine the entire tooth allowing us to detect any disease present under the gum line that can’t otherwise be seen.

We use an ultrasonic scaler to thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth both above and (most importantly) below the gum line.  This is the safest, most pain free and effective way to clean the teeth.  We use a special disclosing solution to highlight the plaque ensuring that no areas are missed.  Once we have recovered those pearly whites they are polished smooth so that there are no small grooves to attract the bacteria.  We also have a sealant available called OraVet which creates a barrier between the teeth and the bacteria.