January Pet of the Month

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Porsche is a 5½ year old cocker spaniel.

Dog in car, travelling with dog

Porsche riding

When her mom, Chasidy, brought her home she only weighed three pounds. As a puppy, Porsche resembled “Lady” from Lady and the Tramp. Porsche has quite the personality and a lot of energy to go around. She has a big brother named Bridger and they are the best of friends! Bridger is an awesome big brother and does whatever his little sister wants!!
Towards the end of October, Chasidy noticed that Porsche’s energy levels had decreased and she wasn’t acting like herself. Chasidy knew something was wrong when Porsche wouldn’t say goodbye to her. She gave us a call and we scheduled an appointment for Porsche right away. After examining Porsche, running some blood work, and doing
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Bridger and Porsche

radiographs, she was diagnosed with a Pyometra. This condition is an infection in the uterus resulting from hormonal changes in the reproductive tract. This is a serious condition that needs to be addressed promptly. Dogs can quickly become severely ill, with symptoms of anorexia, lethargy, painful abdomen, and listlessness. It was a good thing that Chasidy was able to notice some changes in Porsche’s personality to schedule her an appointment right away.
Porsche’s condition can occur in young to middle-aged dogs, but is common in older dogs. Pyometra usually occurs two to eight weeks after the heat cycle. There are two forms of pyometra: open or closed. In an open pyometra, the infection in the uterus will drain out and be visible on the pet and beddings. In a closed pyometra, the infection cannot drain out and causes distension in the abdomen. Excessive drinking can occur in both open and closed pyometra.
Porsche suffered from a closed pyometra and was admitted into the hospital and placed on intravenous fluids. She was then prepared for surgery and her uterus was removed. The treatment and prevention for a pyometra is spaying your pet. Porsche spent the night with us at the hospital to recover from her surgery and was so excited to see her mom the next day. Chasidy could already see the improvement in her when she picked her up.
Cocker spaniel puppy, puppy on a blanket

Baby Porsche

Porsche made a full recovery and is back to her spunky self letting her brother know that she is here to stay. Chasidy writes, “I am so thankful for the staff at Rockbridge Animal Hospital. EVERYONE was so friendly, warm, and informative. I’m so glad to have my baby girl back.”