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IMG_1550Rock Bridge Animal Hospital has been serving pets and their parents in the Columbia area since 1972.   Who are we?  Well, we are a group of individuals, each of whom has been touched in a special way by a pet.  Through this common ground we have come together as a team to give back in the best way we can – by providing quality medical care to your pets in a compassionate manner.
We are a full-service companion animal veterinary hospital, dedicated to providing compassionate care throughout all stages of your pets’ lives and we take this goal seriously.  The doctors regularly attend veterinary conferences and meetings so that they can stay up to date on the latest developments in veterinary medicine.
All staff members go through an intense training course when they join the team so that they are aware of the common health care issues our pets face.  This education continues during our weekly meetings where we discuss various health topics, invite guest lecturers to speak, and practice techniques to improve patient care.  (They get tested too teeth_smile  ).  To keep their skills current, assistants and receptionists attend local seminars as well as larger veterinary meetings, such as the Central Veterinary Conference in Kansas City, MO.
101_6625For us it is not enough just to address their medical needs; understanding animal behavior and how we can impact their overall well-being is just as important.  Going to a doctor’s office can be stressful for anyone, but particularly so for a pet.  We are constantly learning how our interactions with your pets can be tailored to reduce the stress and anxiety they may experience while they are here.  A better experience for your pet is a better experience for everyone.
So you may catch us spending a little extra time spoiling your pet with a treat or two, but we’ll get back to you when we are done.
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