Lost, Found & Adoption

Lost and Found Pets and some just needing a home…

We get so many calls about pets that have been found or that have gone missing and sometimes  from those who are looking to add to their family.  Therefore, we decided to add a page on our website dedicated to those pets and families.



Please help these lost pets find their homes! If you have any information about the following pets please call the contact numbers provided, or email our office.  Thank you for your caring assistance!

Lost catFemale cat went missing on November 15, 2013 after escaping the house. Declawed on all four paws. Please call Scott with any information that can help get her bakc home. (C) 573.268.1281 – (H) 573.874.3878

Missing cat: Neutered male cream and gray tabby Siamese cross. Has a microchip that is not registered. He is not socialized and has blue cross eyes. He is small weighing about 6lbs. He has a kink at the end of his tail. Please call (360) 271-7074 with any information. (12/31/2013)



We have no animals found at this time.




Caesar is a 6 year old male Boxer in need of a home. He is a pure bred boxer. His color is reverse brindle. He thinks he is a lap dog and loves to be petted and scratched behind his ears and under his chin. He is afraid of storms. He is very protective of his toys, and this is what our issue is.
*Contact the current owner for more information on spay/neuter status and vaccine status. 319-721-8701


Animal Control of Columbia has added photos to their website of pets that have been caught or turned in for running loose (lost).  CLICK HERE to go to their site and review the animals in the shelter.