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Nelson Goodnick is a 13-year-old female domestic short-hair cat. She is a very sweet and loving feline who has been seen in our office since 2015. Felines are capable of not showing their pain tolerance and don’t really let you know if they are in pain because to cats that is showing they are vulnerable to predators. Initially on April 2015, Dr. Sappington indicated a FORL on the upper right permanent molar number 2 (PM2) with excess tartar during an Annual Wellness Exam.
The feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion (FORL) is a common feline dental problem that may go undiagnosed among felines. Many cats that are affected are older. FORLs can also be known as cavities, neck lesions, external or internal root resorptions, and cervical line erosions. FORLs in felines are usually located in the area where the gum line meets the tooth.The cause is unknown but yearly dental exams may identify FORLs before they became intolerable.
In August, 2016, Dr. Sappington indicated that several more FORLs were identified upon examination and a dental cleaning and extractions were required. The FORLs had progressed immensely from the initial exam and a dental surgery was required. X-rays were taken of Nelson’s mouth to help identify where all the lesions may be in her mouth. The x-rays were reviewed and it was decided that a total of ten teeth needed to be extracted
Nelson, after a couple of weeks of recovery time, is back to her sweet and loving feline ways. It is important to maintain a continuous veterinary schedule to insure the health of your felines and any other animals to help catch FORLs or any other medical necessities sooner to help keep your pets comfortable in life.

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