March Pet of the Month

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RosieThe staff at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital met Rosie for the first time in December 2005 for a puppy exam. Rosie is a beautiful 7 year old Labrador Retriever mix.  The Shenker family had adopted Rosie from the Humane Society.  Rosie was the runt of the litter and the last to find a family, but little did they know that one day she would be a hero.

Rosie’s heroic tale is what earned her Pet of the Month. In August 2012, Rosie saved both her and her brother Wall-e lives from a house fire. Rosie is a professional jumper.  She loves to jump high and often. Her excellent jumping skills caught the attention of a gentleman who was driving by the Shenker’s home.  The man noticed Rosie jumping in the window and after a closer look noticed smoke in the house. The gentleman managed to get both Rosie and Wall-e out of the house before it was lost.  Rosie then went to a neighbor’s driveway and waited for her family.

Rosie developed a cough the next day, so she came to us for an exam.  We took radiograph’s of Rosie’s chest to check for signs of smoke inhalation. Symptoms of smoke inhalation can occur 2-3 days after exposure.  The lungs can become injured from the heat of the fire, inhalation of carbon monoxide and the inhalation of toxins that can be released during a fire.  Luckily, Rosie’s lungs looked clear and her laboratory tests were normal. She was monitored for any symptoms that may indicate further health problems associated with smoke inhalation. Patients who suffer from smoke inhalation can develop pneumonia from bacteria that begins to set in after the lungs have been damaged.

Rosie is not only a hero, but she is also a very loving and affectionate pup.  She frequently boards here at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital and we love seeing her and Wall-e.

The Humane Society and Columbia Second Chance are both accepting charitable donations in both Wall-and Rosie’s names.