January Pet of the Month

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Tessa, a Rottweiler mix, first came to see us at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital in July of 2012 when she was only 8 weeks old.  She was rescued from the side of the road only a couple days before and in need of a little TLC that the Reyneke family was able to provide for her.

Tessa presented to Rock Bridge Animal Hospital on November 26th for severe limping on her left hind leg after getting stuck in the foot board of theTEss before14989_523382741016413_994176522_a bed while playing. Radiographs were taken of the leg and a fracture of her femur was discovered. This type of fracture is called a Salter Harris Fracture, which is basically a fracture that occurs along a growth plate in young animals.  Fractures along the growth plate are tricky and do best with surgical correction.  There is a high risk of a growth deformity if the trauma disrupted too many of the growth cells.

TEss before14989_523382741016413_994176522_aOn November 28th Tessa underwent surgery to repair her fractured leg.  The knee joint had to be opened in order to reduce the fracture which is easier said than done.  Two stainless steel pins were placed in her femur to stabilize the fracture and a couple of radiographs later the surgery was complete and Tessa was on the road to recovery

Tessa was sent home with some pain and anti inflammatory medications to recover.  With the love of her family, some strict cage rest, and some physical therapy we expect Tessa is making a full recovery.

Tessa came back for her medical progress exam after 6 weeks and follow up radiographs revealed that the fracture had healed.  We will be removing the pins in a couple of weeks.  Tessa will make a full recovery and once again be running around enjoying herself with her wonderful family.