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Reception DeskUpon arrival there will always be a friendly face to greet you and your companion.  Typically you won’t spend much time here, but we do have many basic pet supplies, food and toys available for purchase.


One of the favorite areas is the “kids corner”.  We go through lots of crayons and color pages.
And as can be expected,  there are plenty of dog “cookies”!






Room1Room2We have two rooms available for examinations and consultations.  One is decorated “Kitty Style” where we provide you with brochures on how to keep your kitties healthy.  And naturally we have some kitty snacks so that we can spoil them while they are here.  We also use this room for our other small critters, such as ferrets, rabbits, and rodents.  We will let a pooch in, on occasion teeth_smile
The second room has more of a “Doggie Decor” and is well stocked with dog goodies.  Oftentimes we find our patients sitting in front of the cookie jar eagerly waiting for their snack.  We have healthy maintenance products on our display shelves and lots of informational brochures.

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LabJust outside our examination rooms is where we perform all of our in house testing.  The machine to the left allows us to run blood samples prior to surgery or in cases of emergency so that we can evaluate your pet’s liver and kidney values right away or screen for diabetes.  We have a centrifuge in the center for processing all of our samples.  The microscope is probably our most used instrument.  We examine fecal and urine specimens, as well as skin and ear cytology samples under the microscope.  This allows us to make more informed decisions regarding your pet’s care.

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DentalAt some point in time many pet’s will require some extra care to keep them healthy or get them well again.  Our treatment room is stocked with all of the necessary supplies needed to make this happen.  We have an autoclave so that the instruments can be properly sterilized in between patients.
This area is where we prepare your pet for surgery and where we perform our periodontal therapies and other non-sterile procedures.  We have state of the art dental equipment similar to what you may see at your own dentist’s office.  We use a digital dental X-ray unit which means the X-rays are downloaded directly into the computer.  So there is no extra anesthesia time for your pet while waiting for an X-ray to be developed.  We have a top of the line dental scaler for cleaning your pet’s teeth as well as high speed handpieces to be used for extractions and other dental procedures.  Using these instruments means more efficient oral surgery for your pet and a healthier mouth.




New Surgery SuiteWe take your pets safety seriously, so we maintain a separate room for our sterile procedures.  This area is furnished with the same monitoring equipment you would expect to find in a human hospital.  This allows us to track your pet’s vitals which include things such as their heart rate and rhythm, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure and temperature.  And there is always an assistant actively monitoring your pet’s well-being.
Our Bair Hugger warm air blanket allows us to keep your pet warm while under anesthesia.  They will also receive intravenous fluids to maintain their blood pressure.  Our doctors and assistants maintain a sterile environment by wearing sterile surgical gowns and gloves for the procedures as well as surgical caps and masks to help prevent the spread of germs.

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 kennelThis is everyone’s favorite area of the hospital, our “Pet Hotel”.  We now have bigger runs for our dog clientele with lots of bright colors and plenty of fresh sunlight.  All of our tenants are provided with fresh food, water and bedding daily.  We feed Science Diet food unless you would prefer to bring your pet’s own diet.  They listen to the radio during the daytime hours – although they have to bargain with the attendant for the day on which station they get to listen to.  The dogs go outside three times a day to stretch their legs and to take care of their bathroom needs.


catportalcatkennelWe all know cats demand even more special attention, so they have their own separate accommodations.  We have individual condos for each cat with a ledge for perching and a separate “room” for the litter box.  Two condos can be connected if there are family members who would like to stay together.  They have a large picture window allowing them a view to the outside.  Sometimes you might find a staff member (or two) hiding out here doting on them.
Our pet motel is cleaned and sanitized daily.  It is also temperature controlled.  We use Adaptil and Feliway diffusers which mimic the the natural calming pheromones of dogs and cats creating a more relaxing atmosphere. We do welcome visitors should you want to see where your pet would be staying.

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