December Pet of the Month

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Lovin’ at the hospital

The staff at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital met Milo for the first time in August 2013, just a few short days after becoming a part of Melissa and Michael’s lives. Milo is an adorable 6 month old tea cup Chihuahua. Regardless of Milo’s itty bitty size he is quite the fighter and his fight to survive is what has earned him December’s Pet of the Month.
Melissa had always wanted a dog and after starting a new career in Kansas City the decision had been made to bring a dog into their lives. Milo snagged Michael and Melissa’s hearts at first sight. Michael had brought Milo home to Columbia, Missouri to give him the extra attention that he would need during his potty training adventure. Milo’s story of survival began just two days after being brought into his new home.
Michael noticed that Milo had begun acting like


My first halloween

something was wrong. He stayed up with him that night to keep him warm and comfortable. At about 3:00 a.m. he decided to take him to the University of Missouri Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Milo spent the next two weeks in the ICU where he went through numerous procedures including a blood transfusion and an abdominal surgery. Milo’s condition became very severe and it was unsure if he would make it through. After two weeks of battling an illness that nearly took Milo’s life he began to turn around. Michael and Melissa were able to take Milo home. This would be the happiest day since they had gotten him.
Unfortunately Milo’s condition and the underlying cause of his illness were never truly determined. Milo’s digestive tract seemed to be the main source of the problem, but through multiple tests and the collaboration of many veterinarians his illness was perplexing. Throughout Milo’s stay in the ICU he met many friends. The staff and veterinary students fell in love with Milo and were there to help him through his journey.

Off to new adventures

Milo is now a very playful puppy who is full of endless energy. Michael says, “he is of course spoiled and very ornery but we absolutely love him. Our families now ask us not when we are coming home but when we are bringing him home.” The staff at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital would like to congratulate Milo on his glorious fight for survival and commends Michael and Melissa for supporting him.