April Pet of the Month

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Congratulations to Truman, our April Pet of the Month!

Truman764559911564_109370189_n Truman is a sweet, but curious , 1 year old male domestic shorthair.  Truman and his owner came to our clinic for the first time in January because Truman seemed painful in his left front leg.  Dr. Forbes did a thorough exam on Truman and upon examining Truman’s painful leg, could feel noticeable swelling, as well as, the fracture of his humerus bone.  To confirm the severity and exact location of the fracture we x-rayed Truman’s leg.

Truman fracture1_567765439911476_435388154_n

Truman’s x-ray showed a spiral fracture of the humerus bone and a bone chip.  In order to repair the fracture,Dr. Forbes let Truman’s owner know that Truman would need surgery in which pins would be placed to keep his humerus held together while it repaired itself.  Truman, came in for his fracture repair, which Dr. Forbes performed.  Dr. Forbes placed an external fixator on the outside of his leg to hold the pins in place while the humerus healed.


Truman fixed6033244750_264046451_nAfter surgery, we allowed Truman to recover with us through the night and sent him home the following day with pain medications and instructions to keep him confined and rested for eight weeks to allow the bone to heal properly.  Truman wasn’t fully cooperative during those 2 moths, but his fracture healed and we were able to remove the pins.


We are so thrilled that Truman recovered from his fractured leg and we are crossing our fingers that he will keep the remaining 8 of his 9 lives intact for a longtime to come.