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Dora is a spunky little 11 year old Dachshund that was referred to us from an outlyingDora clinic in Linn, Missouri. When she went in for a routine dental cleaning the veterinarian noticed some areas of gingivitis and pus around her canine teeth. She probed the area and found an oronasal fistula. Unfortunately, Dachshunds are very prone to developing this condition.

An oronasal fistula is an opening between the oral cavity (mouth) and the nasal cavity (nose) that is abnormal. These pockets result from dental disease. As tartar builds up on our pets teeth, bacteria adhere to the tooth surface. This bacteria moves under the gum line and creates infection in the gums and ligaments. When the infection Dora2worsens, it begins to eat away at the underlying tooth roots and bones, eventually creating a hole into the sinus cavity. Debris begins to collect in these openings and causes serious infection. The treatment for an oronasal fistula involves extraction of the diseased teeth, cleaning out the pockets, and suturing the gums over the opening. There is a high risk for breakdown of these incisions because every time the pet breaths through its nose, it pushes on the tissues.

Dora’s veterinary office was not equipped to do such an extensive oral surgery, so they contacted us for help. We set her up for surgery and took X-rays of her mouth to assess all of her teeth. It turned out she had quite a few other teeth with periodontal disease as well. We removed all the diseased and painful teeth and cleaned what was left.

Many times, it is hard to tell when a pet is having dental pain. That is why it is Dora3important to schedule routine dental cleanings and X-rays to evaluate their oral health. Several owners report great mood and energy changes after their pet’s diseased teeth are removed. Dental care is just one type of preventative care that helps our pets live much happier, healthier lives. Miss Dora is a lucky girl to have a family so on top of her care. Without veterinary visits, her infection may have gone unnoticed. Her mouth healed without any complications. She is back to her sweet, lovable self and she is feeling good as new!

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