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Fleas: They Are More Than Meets The Eye

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We are in the height of flea season, so I thought it would be a good time for some flea pictures! If your pet has fleas there are a few things you should know. The most important is that the fleas you are seeing on your pet are just 5% of the population of fleas in your home. The other 95% is comprised of flea eggs, larvae (tiny maggot-like creatures), and pupae (similar to a cocoon). They are all in your carpet, floor boards, bedding, and couches. This picture shows in gory detail the reproductive capability of fleas. This cat had been in the kennel for just a few hours, and all those...

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September Pet of the Month

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Callie is a 13 year old female domestic shorthair cat who was presented to us in April for vaccines and a senior wellness blood screen. At this time Callie had some weight loss, but otherwise was looking healthy. When results returned from the senior wellness blood work, we discovered that her liver values were elevated.   The liver is an important organ in the body, contributing to the detoxification of metabolites, protein synthesis, and the production of bile, which is necessary for digestion. Because of the varying functions, we were unsure as to what exactly caused the increase in her...

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