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August Pet of the Month

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Congratulations to Serenity, our August pet of the month!   A simple walk in the evening with a friend turned out to be a little more than a stroll with a bit of casual conversation. Emily (one of our techs) and her friend decided to go for a walk in the area and while out they found a dog in the neighbor’s pasture that was extremely malnourished and loaded with fleas. As with all of the employees at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital, our mentality goes into help mode.   The dog was brought home to Emily’s house and separated from all of the other pets. She was bathed to try and help get rid of...

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Dogs and Cats Can Become “Senile” Too!

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Has your pet started acting differently as he gets older? Seemingly forgetting where he is, or staring at the wall? Maybe he’s started staying awake all night or losing his house training. Many subtle symptoms of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) such as these get written off as old age, but there are things we can do to help slow the progression of this disease and get your friend back.   CCD is a chronic disease that is comparable to Alzheimer’s disease in people. It develops via a number of pathways, but ultimately there is oxidative stress to the brain cells, particularly the...

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