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Babies, Babies, Babies!

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We doctors are back in the office, having each welcomed a healthy new baby into our homes! Dr. Forbes and her husband brought home a little boy named Caiden. My husband and I (Dr. Sappington) had a little girl named Abigail. Everyone is doing great and we are all getting used to the changes that a newborn inevitably brings.       In light of these new additions, I thought it was a good time to discuss introducing a baby to the pets in the house. The whole process of having a baby is stressful on your pet (trust me, I am well aware of how stressful it is on the people involved!). Think about...

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March Pet of the Month

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Bitsy is a beautiful 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier. We saw her for the first time here at Rock Bridge Animal in August of 2014 because she wasn’t eating her food very well. When Dr. Forbes performed her exam, she found that Bitsy had some dental disease, but specifically she had a retained upper left canine tooth that was abscessed. This is a baby tooth that never fell out. She was placed on antibiotics until she could get in to have the tooth removed.   She improved quite a bit with the antibiotics, so her parents decided to just have the abscessed tooth removed and they would address the...

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