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It’s one of the most frustrating conditions we see in dogs and cats, and we happen to be in the middle of allergy season. Many pet owners deal with the frustration of a pet that just won’t stop scratching or chewing or licking themselves. It cuts into their sleep, and into their wallet with repeated visits to the vet. Unfortunately allergies are a lifelong condition, but there are many options available to help keep your furry friend comfortable.   The culprits:   1) Fleas are probably the most obvious cause of itching, and some pets can actually be allergic to their bites, losing hair over...

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August Pet of the Month

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Please join me in giving a big round of “ap-paws” for Theo and Ollie, who have been selected as our August Pets of the Month.   Theo first visited Rock Bridge Animal Hospital in July of 2010. Theo had gingivitis and desperately needed to get his teeth cleaned, but was unable to be sedated because of the risk posed to his health by his obesity problem. At the time Theo weighed 18.28 lbs. That is 7.8 lbs. over the recommended healthy weight (10.5 lbs.) for Theo. This might not seem like a big deal to a human, but for Theo this means that he needed to loose nearly 50% of his body weight before...

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