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May Pet of the Month

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Shorty is a beautiful 2 year old black and tan Chihuahua. We first saw Shorty here at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital in December of 2012 for having a plastic object stuck in her mouth. In March of this year, Shorty came in for vomiting, and her parents had told us that it was possible that she was pregnant. It turns out they were right!   The average gestational period for a dog is about 63 days, so we knew that it wouldn’t be too long before the puppies would be here! On May 6th, Shorty’s parents called us and said that she was in labor, but she was having quite a bit of difficulty. Her...

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Online Pharmacies: Shop Smarter!!

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More and more people are going online to buy their pet’s medications every day. While we always hope our clients will choose to support the local small business and buy from their vet, we also respect their right to shop around. In the end it is most important that your pet is taken care of, so this post is dedicated to educating you about online pharmacies, and what to look for when choosing one.   First things first, don’t just assume that an online store has cheaper prices. Usually your vet will have a competitive price for medications. Also drug manufacturers will often have...

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