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February Pet of the Month

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Congratulations to Charcoal, our February Pet of the Month! Charcoal is a handsome, 4 ½ year old domestic shorthair. Until this past summer, Charcoal was one of those fortunate cats that only had to come to the veterinarian once a year for vaccines, but due to some 4th of July fireworks celebrations all of that unfortunately changed.   Charcoal came in towards the end of July in 2013 because his owner noticed that he had been visiting the litter box frequently, growling as he left the box, and drinking much more water than normal. We always worry about male cats with these types of symptoms...

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Understanding the Pet Food Label Part 3: Food Label Claims

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Do you ever feel bombarded by advertising as you walk down a pet food aisle? Food companies put a lot of effort into making their food bags catch your eye, and putting wording on the front to make you believe their food is the best option for you. Words like “premium”, “super premium”, “ultra premium”, “gourmet”, “holistic”, “organic”, “natural”, “low-fat”, “weight management”, “low-calorie” are everywhere. The list goes on and on. Do those words actually mean anything, or...

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