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November Pet of the Month

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Congratulations to Tinker, our November Pet of the Month!               Tinker is a beautiful 6 month old black and white domestic short hair. The staff at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital first saw Tinker and her sister, Mapp, in May of 2013 for their first kitten visit. Both kittens were very spunky, and it didn’t take too long for Tinker to get into some mischief.   Tinker came in on July 22, 2013 for a large bump under her chin. She had been to the University Medical Center over the weekend and her owners wanted us to take another look at it. The doctor decided to keep Tinker on the...

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What’s Up With Those Itchy Ears?

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Has your pet been keeping you awake all night shaking his head and scratching at his ears? Rubbing his head on the floor, the couch, anything in sight? Perhaps you’ve noticed a bad smell and dark gunk coming out of the ears. What’s going on?   The most common causes of itchy ears are ear mites and ear infections. Ear mites are most commonly seen in young puppies and kittens, but can be found in adult pets too. They are contagious between pets and can lead to an ear infection as well, so treating them is important. Ear mites typically cause large amounts of dry, dark, crumbly...

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