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To Declaw or Not to Declaw

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Ever had a cat, especially a new kitten, who thought your drapes or your screen door made a great jungle gym? Ever had your cat freak out from a noise while they sat on your lap, and tear you to pieces in their haste to run and hide? If you have, the option to declaw your cat may be a tempting one.   Cats are often declawed to protect furniture from being shredded to pieces, and to protect people from being scratched. Declawing is an important option for families of immune-compromised people who are more prone to dangerous infections from cat scratches. Declawing can also be an alternative...

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September Pet of the Month

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Benefits of Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work. Charlie was about six months old when Amy Carver found him searching for food in a McDonald’s dumpster.  After a little bribery, Charlie found his forever home.  He just recently celebrated his 10th birthday. Charlie came in for a routine annual wellness exam and vaccines.  Dr. Forbes found that Charlie had some tarter build up on his teeth and recommended a dental cleaning.  After his appointment, Charlie was scheduled for his dental procedure.   On the day of surgery we advised Amy that we need to run pre-anesthetic blood work to make sure he was...

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