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We’ve all heard how obesity has become an epidemic in this country.   Unfortunately, it’s spilling over into the pet population as well.  We show our pets love with food and treats.  Combine that with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and you can start to see why I rarely get through a work day without seeing an overweight pet.   It starts out innocent enough…you adopt a cute little puppy.  He’s growing so fast you just let him eat as much as he wants.  Then there are the puppy classes where he gets lots of treats to reward good behavior.  He’s already got a little...

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August Pet of the Month

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Congratulations to Bella our August Pet of the Month!   The staff at Rock Bridge Animal Hospital met Bella for the first time in December 2010.  Bella is a beautiful 8 year old Beagle.  Bella joined the Kern family in 2006 when she was adopted from Columbia Second Chance.   Bella’s journey that earned her Pet of the Month began on April 9th 2013.  Bella had stopped eating and had recently become less active.  She was not acting like herself and her parents were concerned.  They brought Bella in and Dr. Sappington examined her and drew blood for laboratory testing.  Bella’s condition became...

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Traveling With Your Pet

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It’s summer time!  Maybe you’re thinking about a trip to visit family, or to see some of the sights this beautiful country has to offer.  Or maybe you’re a student trying not to think about how soon you have to head back to school.  Whatever your travel plans, if your pet is coming with you we have a few things for you to consider before you load the car. 1) Health Certificate.   If you are flying or traveling out of the country with your pet you will need one.  It is a document that states your pet has been vaccinated, is free of contagious diseases, and is healthy enough...

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